Traditional Yoga Workshop

with Nicolás Huljich


In our busy world, Yoga is a well-known and appreciated practice to help us bring a sense of balance and peace into our lives, bodies, and minds.

But what lies behind those postures, the breathing techniques, and all the other practices that make up Yoga?

How can values defined hundreds and thousands of years ago still be valid and benefitting for society today?

How can we integrate this ancient wisdom into our daily lives to serve, nurture and heal ourselves?


In this workshop, you will find out more about the traditional approach of Yoga, the famous 8 limbs or paths defined by Patanjali and the ways and opportunities to integrate them into your daily life as lifestyle choices.

You will hear about the benefits these practices can bring about, get answers to all questions you might have about the practice and experience a traditional, holistic yoga class by Nicolás Huljich.

What you will get:

Part one – Theoretical input:

We are diving into the world of Traditional Yoga, analysing the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (the Bible of Yoga), and translating its teachings into feasible practices and simple lifestyle adaptations to meet our needs as a modern society. Understanding the fact that Yoga means a deeper and more real connection not only with ourselves but also with everyone that is part of our lives, Yoga is much more than bodily positions or breathing exercises; as you will see, this ancient but powerful spiritual technology can benefit us in many more ways.

Part two – Q&A:

In this section of the workshop you can ask anything you would love to know about Yoga, what has just been shared and how to apply specifics ideas to your daily life. In the Ancient Civilization in which Yoga was born, to share your doubts with the professor is also considered a spiritual practice called Jñana Yoga. Anything you ever wanted to know about Yoga can have now its proper and meaningful answer.

Part three – Traditional Yoga practice, as taught in Ancient India:

In this practice, we will be doing a Traditional Yoga sequence just as it is, without adding confusing, difficult, or religious content. Yoga is for everyone going through any life circumstance, all types of body, philosophy, and religions. Yoga must be adapted to the practitioner, and not the opposite.
From this point, we will be using the powerful and deep tools of mantra chanting, breathing and energetical techniques, bodily positions or asanas, and concentration, visualization, and meditation techniques.




Who can join?

This workshop is suitable for beginners as well as advanced practitioners. Nico will give a broad spectrum of asanas, suiting the individual needs of every person present. The ideas shared in the theoretical part address everyone who wants to dive deeper – Students new to Yoga alike advanced Yogis and even Yoga teachers who want to deepen their understanding of the traditions our beloved practice roots in.

How much does it cost?

The regular price for this workshop is 35€. If for any reason you are having a hard time coming up with that amount of money, contact me. We’ll find a solution. The price includes a lifetime access to the recording of the workshop.

What do I need to prepare?

All you need to join is comfortable clothing, a (Yoga-)Mat and yourself. If there is any question that pops up in your mind when hearing the term “Yoga”, bring it with you! 😊

The workshop will be held in English, however, there will be a transcript of the most important points in German and Spanish if needed.

How can I book?

You can get a ticket for the workshop at https://www.beyondmorrow.com/stundenplan/ If you need any assistance with booking, just contact me via Facebook or kerstin@beyondmorrow.com

Who facilitates the course?

Nicolás has travelled around the world for years with the mission of sharing tools so that:
· We can have a better understanding of our reality, what we have come to learn and heal.
· We can discover our purpose on Earth and how to successfully fulfil it.

🌎 Nicolás has been trained in different institutions of therapies and mysticism around the world, although what has really given him the expertise and depth of what he shares has been his understanding of these therapeutic tools as enablers that help him to share himself with more love, awareness and presence.

“Know all the theories, master all the techniques, but when you touch a human soul be just another human soul.” Carl G. Jung

🙏 This is why Nicolas does not represent or promulgate any institution, but rather shares from what has been born and flourished from his own experiences and personal process.

🔎 Nicolás has been sharing these workshops for several years (together with trainings, retreats and sessions of Yoga, meditation, energy healing, channelling, Jungian psychology, Vedic & Western Astrology and Ayurveda amongst many others). On this inward and outward journey, he has perfected his sharings as well as his self-taught spirit and his purpose to help others.


We are very much looking forward to serving you on your journey. If there is anything you want to know about the workshop, contact us via kerstin@beyondmorrow.com or info@nicolashuljich.com


Namaste, love and light,

Kerstin and Nico




Stornobedingungen: 100% Rückerstattung bis 7 Tage vor dem Event, 50% Rückerstattung bis 4 Tage vor dem Event, ab 3 Tage vor dem Event ist eine Rückerstattung nicht mehr möglich, jedoch ist das Ticket übertragbar, du kannst also gerne einem Freund/einer Freundin eine Freude machen und ihm/ihr das Ticket im Falle deines Ausfalls geben. 🙂